Sunday, March 20, 2011

Using CCPM instead of DBR for manufacturing

The Proceedings of ICM 2007 is a 626 pages long document that has 2 TOC related articles. I'll review "A Feasible Case Study of Applying Critical Chain Multi-Project Management in Semiconductor Turnkey Services" which you can find in page 64 (using the reader's page count), the other article is about distribution and I reviewed it in a previous post.
This article reports the findings of theoretical simulation work done to assess the use of CCPM as a production management tool for foundries that serve fab-less semiconductor companies. While the researchers claim CCPM resulted in superior on time deliveries and a better throughput (probably meaning better output speed/volume, not the TOC meaning of throughput), they conclude it is only partially fits turn key projects. Since the methods used in this research are not completely conveyed and the understanding of CCPM in a multi project environment is not proved, this conclusion should be taken with a grain of salt.
I think the major take away is the innovative approach embedded in using CCPM as a production management tool, instead of a DBR variation, to try and handle the highly complex environment of the fab.

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