Monday, March 14, 2011

Learning The Basics Of Thinking Process

Flying Logic is a software designed to help graph the logic trees used in TP. I have not tried it yet and right now I think it comes with a very high price tag with regards to what it does. The tool can also be purchased on Amazon at a better price point.
Their site offers a few free documents, including a PDF book called "Thinking with Flying Logic" by Robert McNally that covers the basics of TP, but about half way through it becomes a Flying Logic user manual whith a bit of technique thrown in. It gives a good overview and can help fill in the blancs. It is important to note that their present a slightly different logic than the one presented by GC people in some aspects. For example - they require all the assumptions in a cloud connector to be refuted in order for the cloud to evaporate, GC claims refuting one should be enough. Another point that bothered me is the option to combine solutions when evaporating a cloud, I have a hunch this will open the door wide open to compromises (which are considered lose-lose solutions)
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