Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Using TOC while seeking a new job

After looking at the hiring process in the last 2 posts, I'd like to change my view point and look at the process from the other side. When a person is looking for a job – can TOC be of assistance?
First up is the realization that seeking a new position is a process of change and as such it would probably be beneficial to consider the 4 quadrants of change. Using the matrix can help a job seeker understand what special needs must be addressed during the process. Generically speaking these are the needs to reduce the risks inherent to the change and the needs to minimize or mitigate losses of parting with the current situation (losing the "mermaid"). It is important to remember that even when this change looks very appealing, an example could be a case of someone unemployed and in need of an income, the change does bring with it risks and losses which should not be ignored. Also make sure to consider both the employment side and the personal side of the change. Looking at the risk quadrant as an example – employment side risks may be "I will not succeed and this position will create a bad impression in my CV", personal side risks may be "I will have less available time to contribute at home which might create friction".

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