About this blog

This blog started out as a tool, a place where I can collect useful TOC links and share them easily. It has since become more than that, as I add my own ideas and thoughts about anything and everything connected to the world of TOC and Dr. Goldratt.
I decided to create this blog after trying to re-find a site from which I have downloaded a good PDF read, again. As the LinkedIn groups I use to participate in TOC communities do not allow document sharing, links are the only way to go. I, on the other hand, like downloading the files for later reading. Creating the blog allowed me to keep all my links in one place so now I can review what I read, post the link, and then when a relevant discussion comes along I can just direct people to the right post and the link is ready there, with the added value of my thoughts. Do they add value? I do hope so.
With a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and an MBA, I first encountered Dr. Goldratt's books over a decade ago. I was very impressed and I even tried to put the Thinking Process to action, base on his "It's Not Luck" book a few times. I was disillusioned. I decided I was na├»ve in believing the books and told myself it is so easy for those fictional characters, the writers set everything up just right for them, real life doesn’t work that way. I put the whole thing aside, tagged the books as a very nice easy read and let it go. Then in October 2010 I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Goldratt lecture at my university. The room was full and I was late – I had to sit on the stairs the whole time. It was completely worth it! Soon after, I got an invite to participate in a week long workshop at the Goldratt House. I eventually attended the "TOC for the Ever Flourishing Company" workshop in March 2011. It changed my life completely and it has given me a new outlook on TOC and the business novels written about it.
I hope you find value in this blog and I encourage you to contact me with any input what so ever. I am especially hoping that you let me know what kind of material you are looking for and what I can post to help you along your TOC journey.
I have now set up an affiliate Amazon store that is focused completely on TOC resources, to help everybody find what they need easily. 
Here's to health and viable vision.