Friday, November 18, 2011

2012 - Which Conference to Attend?

As you know, I have just returned from Kiev after attending the TOCICO 2011 European Conference. I had a great time there. This being my first TOC conference, I learnt a lot from both the professorial speakers and the local case studies. I also made some great connections. I even got lucky and won a prize in the lottery they held at the reception. In "The Choice" luck is defined as preparation meet opportunity - how lucky would I have been spending the weekend with the family as always?

During the conference the subject of the 2012 TOCICO International Conference came up. Well, I had pledged myself to go, but that was before I knew there was a European conference. Now, of course I still want to attend and I do realize that both my leaning and my networking will be significant. "Look at it as an investment" I was told. The issue I have with this investment is the risk. The risk we take when making any investment is the risk of that investment becoming a down right expense. That trip to Kiev was an expense, one I could allow myself. I took on this expense in hopes it turns out being an investment and I sure am trying to make that happen. Yet I am not currently using TOC to create my personal income, so it was out of pocket money for 2011 and, for all I know, will be out of pocket money that is non refundable and non deductible in any way in 2012 as well. I've done my math, going to Chicago is going to cost me at least $1,000 more than going to Kiev again, simply because Kiev is so much closer than Chicago. That's why I view it as a greater risk.

What will I end up doing? only time can tell as there is still plenty of time to change the facts behind the decision ... So I'm hoping for another stroke of "luck".

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