Monday, October 31, 2011

What's this got to do with TOC?

Well, apart from the fact this costume is real cool and kinda freaky, I think it shows us the way we should be thinking when taking on the six questions of new technology (well, at least 1-5):

Question no. 1:  What is the Power of the Technology?

Question no. 2:  What current limitation or barrier does the new technology (or product) eliminate or
vastly reduce?

Question no. 3:  What usage rules, patterns and behaviors exist today that consider the limitation?

Question no 4:  What rules, patterns and behaviors need to be changed to get the benefits of the new

Question no 5 – later version:  What is the application of the new technology that will enable the
above change without causing resistance?

Question no 6:  How to build, capitalize and sustain the business?
(I copied the questions from Eli Schragenheim's artice "Using the Six Questions by Dr. Goldratt on Riddle no. 3")

Should I elaborate?

Happy Halloween and enjoy the treats

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