Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 TOCICO International Conference - Cape Town

I've just returned from Cape Town a week ago and I think it's a great time to share some of my conference highlights with those who could not make it this year.
Some Conference Participants (can you spot me?)

First off - join me in sending love and support to Marcia Hutchinson, TOCICO's General Manager, who broke her arm on the first night and needed an operation. Marcia's proffesional management was totally aparent in the fact the conference went on without any interference, leaving her free to take care of herself. GET WELL SOON, MARCIA!

The first day was a full day of keynote speakers interlacing academics and practitioners  and introducing the conference's main thread of the Anti-Fragile vision. Some success stories brought to light the amazing effects TOC can have on a business and how important it is to ensure the process is maintained over time and management switch-overs.
Keynote Speaker

I especially liked Rami Goldratt's session about the forces eroding our ability to generate forcasts, especially in a retail environment. He makes a valid point - yes, forecasts are inherntly wrong but they should be getting closed and closer to being right. After all, they are based on past experiance, of which we have more and more data points with each day passing, on computing abilities, which grow bigger and faster with each day passing and on algorithms, that should improve over time and experiance. Look at the weather forcast as an example. Over the years it has gotten better, to the point that we trust the 10-day forcast as a good enough directive for packing before a trip. Sure, we do not expect it to be right on the money, just in the vicinity. Shouldn't the forcasts for sales numbers and for purchasing be doing the same? Well, they don't and Rami gave a very clear explenation why. He also promissed to put together a YouTube vid covering his explenation, so keep a look out.

With all the interesting take aways I've had, it seems a series of posts is in order, so be on the look out for my future posts on the subject. (Here is the first one)

Here is a sneak peak:
My presentation about buffering life
So, have a look at the conference schedule, and let me know what is of interest to you.
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