Sunday, March 31, 2013

Echoes of TOC - Volume 1

A few months ago Rajeev Athavale sent out a call for articles in some of the TOC groups I'm a member on. He informed us he was self publishing an eBook by collecting these to create more TOC resources. I saw that call and thought what he was doing was a great thing and that I'd probably want that eBook once published. A few days later I got a mail from him asking me to contribute to the book. I was shocked but very very pleased. I decided to give it a go but I wanted to make sure I brought my own twist to it. I did not want to go head to head with writers I feel know much more than me. So I decided not to write an article on business management using TOC. Instead I wrote an article about using the EC for resolving  internal, emotional conflicts. It was this work that rekindled my passion for writing about TOC, so thank you, Rajeev for the support and kind words.

Anyways, Rajeev informed me today that the eBook has been published. I'm in total awe at the work he has put forth at such a short space of time. I have just looked through it and there is a lot of reading to be done, as those articles look great. I can't wait to buy Vol 2.

You can view a sample from the book here, my article is not in it, so I do suggest you buy the book (LOL). Please remember that 70% of proceedings are dedicated to the Goldratt Foundation in order to promote TOC projects.

I hope to expand on the work I started in that article in future blog entries, but there is so much to do and share.

Good luck to "Echoes of TOC", I hope they keep ringing loud and clear.

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